Steps to install Chrome Remote Desktop:

For Windows-based OS:

01. Open a Chrome browser and google for Chrome Remote Desktop. Upon
seeing the result, kindly click on the official link.

02. After clicking the link, please click on the +ADD TO CHROME button
to include the addon/plugin to the browser and PC.


03. A box will appear to prompt the user to add the application.
Please click on the button shown in the below image file.

04. User will be directed to the next prompt screen. Proceed to
click on the Get started button.

05. In the next prompt screen, please click the ‘Share‘ button.
This will bring another prompt screen for the user to download and
install the Remote desktop Host installer (installation file). Please
proceed by clicking on Accept and Install.

06. Next, the user will be prompted to save the installation file to a
location. Please choose a folder that is easier to remember and click
the Save button.

07. After the download has been completed, if the program installation did
not execute immediately after downloading, user will have to
get to the folder that the installation file was last saved and
double-click on the mentioned file to run the installation.

08. Once completed, please go back to the browser and refer to the
below image file. Proceed to click the Share button if the user is
ready for the remote desktop assistance with our team.

09. After clicking the Share button from the last step, the user will be
prompted with 12 or more digits of the access code.

10. Kindly copy the access code and provide it to our team to view,
access and provide the necessary assistance. User will be prompted to
accept the connection once ready.

The access code will always change after the session ended.

For MAC:

  1. Download the Chrome Remote Desktop app.
  2. On your computer, open Chrome.
  3. In the address bar at the top, type,chrome://apps and press Enter.
  4. Click Chrome Remote Desktop Chrome Remote Desktop App.
  5. Under “My Computers,” click Get started.
  6. Click Enable remote connections. Then, follow the onscreen instructions.
  7. Chrome will download a .dmg file. Click Save.
  8. Once the file downloads, open it.
  9. Follow the on-screen prompts to finish the installation. Then, return to Chrome.
  10. To turn remote access on for your computer, click OK.
  11. Enter a PIN and re-type the PIN, then click OK.
  12. When a box appears, unlock the panel and confirm your account and PIN again.
  13. The “Remote connections for this computer have been enabled” message will appear. Click OK to dismiss it.

The computer you allowed should show up under “My Computers.”

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