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1. From the windows desktop , open the Netscape 6.0 browser

2. From the main window , click on “Tasks” > “Mail” option to open Netscape Messenger


from the left bottom corner , click on the mail button

3. You should see a dialog window appears as shown below

4. From above , configure the settings as follows:

  • Your Name : Your Name
  • Email address : Email Address
  • Reply-to address : Email Address or <any other alternate email address>

5. Click on Server option from the left option

6. Leave the options as default

7. Click on Outgoing (SMTP) Server from the left option

8. Configure the Server Names as follows:

  • Outgoing mail: asmtp.<your domain name>

9. Click on “Always use name and password”

10. Under the “User Name” field, key in your email address

9. Click on OK button to end the settings

10. You have successfully configured the mail settings

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